Some Simple and Important Tips to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a reduction of the total body mass. There is no any such miracle treatment to reduce the weight. The only thing is you need to make few changes to your lifestyle importantly reducing fat will be easies and fastest way to reduce our weight.

Few things need to be followed before getting started up with. Moreover, even regaining weight is not good that is nothing but it is all fat.
Simple tips to loose weight:
1.Don’t ever be empty stomach that is also one reason for regaining your weight, eating small frequent meal help to balance your weight. Try to eat 5 – 6 small meal instead of 3 big meal
2.Avoid eating out, maximum home cooked food helps is reducing the weight.
3.Have healthy diet live more on fresh fruits, natural soups and Salads.
4.Calcium foods are mandatory, to have a balanced diet consume calcium contained foods, men and women aged between 15 to 24 yrs requires 1200mg, aged above 25 needs 800mg and Pregnant and nursing women needs 1200mg on daily basis.
5.Few healthy calcium rich foods are listed below,
a.Green leaves.
b.All variety of baked beans
6.Most vital part is consuming good quantity of water minimum 8 glasses per day, water carries nutrients into cells and removes wastes out of cells.
7.Don’t be tempted on fried items and other fatty foods
8.Avoid sweets which damages your diet control
9.Have regular and simple exercises like walking, Jogging, Running, Swimming, Meditation, cycling and climb stairs instead of escalators and elevators. Minimum 30 minutes of any of physical activity is must to burn the unwanted calories, which makes your body fit and healthy.
10.Cooking in Non-stick pan helps us in consuming less oil.
11.Avoid taking tea, coffee and fizzy drinks
Therefore, instead of crash diet it is advisable to loose weight by practicing healthy life-style and slow weight loss process by diet.

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