Health Risks associated with an Acai Berry Colon Cleanse

In the event you wish to go for a colon cleanse, you must study all the ingredients that have been used in the supplement alongside acai berry. Some products are advertised as “all-natural”, still it would not be wise to consider them healthy or safe for your use. The presence of certain toxins in herbs may cause serious ill-effects at times. Stop using acai berry colon cleanse as soon as you experience one or more of the symptoms mentioned below:

1. Enhanced Ability to Bleed
You are likely to bleed more easily if you use herbs that help your blood to get thinner. Some of the notable herbs that cause such thinness are garlic, gingko and feverfew. In case you are anti-clotting medication, you will need to avoid herbal supplements that contain such ingredients.

2. Liver Problems
Echinacea is one of the key components used in herbal supplements that we use towards colon cleansing. Such components are known to create liver inflammation in the event you are following medications like anabolic steroids, which you usually use for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Diarrhea
A few colon cleanses containing acai may bear herbs that cause irritation for your digestive tract and colon. It might cause diarrhea.

4. Enhanced Blood Pressure

In the event you are suffering from high blood pressure you must not use all herbal supplements. A few such supplements may increase blood pressure. Such herbs contain licorice, ginseng, and goldenseal.

5. Suppression of appetite
Herbal appetite suppressants are being used by a few colons cleanses to help detoxification. A majority of the known herbal appetite suppressants contain kola nut, guarana and herbal ephedra. In the U.S. the sale and use of ephedra has been banned by the FDA. It can still be traced in overseas herbal supplements. Don’t use any product that contain ephedra incase you are using any MAO inhibitor drug for treating depression, or when you’re suffering with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, glaucoma, insomnia or anxiety.

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