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Bowtrol colon cleanser is a 100% natural herbal detoxifying treatment that is easy on the system. It’s an efficient colon cleansing formula that can help maintain overall health and improve your sense of well being.

Bowtrol gives you 2 ways to try their product:

- Unlimited monthly supply for life with purchase or

- 14 days free trial period

*Free limitless refills *No monthly billing *No auto-ship program

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Bowtrol is very different from other colon cleansing systems in that it works by stimulating your bowel movements and improving elimination without causing loose stools or painful cramps. This has for effect of cleansing the vital organs as well as the lymphatic system.

How does Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Work?

Toxins thrive in your colon. This is how the body is supposed to work. Your colon is where the metabolisation and absorption of vitamins and nutrients ends. Because of our hectic lifestyles, lack of exercise and bad diets, we are often unable to clear our bowels properly. Waste then starts to accumulate in the body and toxins slowly start to flood the entire system.

Bowtrol acts by increasing your daily bowel movements to about 2 or 3 per day, which helps flush out the colon of harmful toxins. By lowering the level of toxins in your body, you improve your overall health. Your stools won’t become weaker or watery because of Bowtrol, they’ll just be more frequent.

You start with 3 tablets right before bedtime and gradually move up to 8 tablets a day. It’s very important to take lots of fluids when you’re taking Bowtrol or any other colon cleanser for that matter. Water plays an essential role in the detoxification process.

Since Bowtrol is not a laxative and is a 100% natural product, you can continue taking Bowtrol even if your system is clean.

Bowtrol Weight Loss Effects

Bowtrol was created as a colon cleansing product, not a weight loss supplement. However, some people have reported significant weight loss after using Bowtrol. This can be caused by a difference in diets during the detoxification period. Increasing your fiber consumption during the detox period can perk up your digestive system and other vital organs as well. This may result in an effortless drop in weight. However, you won’t get this benefit if you follow a high calorie diet during the detox process, for obvious reasons. Bowtrol’s weight loss effects will be increased if you combine it with a fiber rich diet comprised of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Safety Issues And Side Effects Of Bowtrol Colon Cleanse

Even though Bowtrol is easy on the system, it’s not for everybody. For one, Bowtrol should never be administered to children. Before you take Bowtrol, you should consult a physician, especially if you have serious health issues. If you’re taking medication, taking Bowtrol may affect your dosage, this is why it’s very important that you consult your doctor before taking Bowtrol. A cleaner digestive system and healthier colon membranes can affect the amount of medication you need, so keep an eye on that.

Since Bowtrol is a 100% natural and herbal colon cleanser, you can take it for life without risk. Even though you’re not obligated to modify your eating habits while you’re on Bowtrol, it’s recommended that you increase your fiber, fruit and vegetable intake if you want better results.

2 Ways To Buy Bowtrol

Bowtrol is a 100% natural and herbal colon cleanser that is safe for most people. There are two ways that you can give Bowtrol a try:

First option – Unlimited Free Bowtrol Supply For Life

Lifetime Membership* Buy Today and Save

After buying your first month’s supply of Bowtrol, you get the chance to sign up for a life time membership that allows you to get free unlimited supply of Bowtrol for life. All you’ll have to pay is shipping and handling, that it.

*Free limitless refills *No auto-ship plan and no extra monthly fees

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Second option – 14 Day No-Risk Trial

You can try Bowtrol’s trial version, Digest It, risk free for a period of 14 days. All you have to do is pay for shipping and handling and you’ll be able to sign up for a lifetime membership after paying a one time fee after the 14 day period, unless you decline the unlimited supply for life offer.

There will be no monthly fees and no auto-ship plan

The Digest It trial offer is available in the following countries:

USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Slovakia, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria, Cyprus, Finland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia and Belgium.

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