Affiliate Disclosure

Pursuant to mandates from the U.S. Ftc, 16 CFR Part 255 – Guides In regards to the Utilization of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, the purpose of this document is to establish any compensatory affiliation with plenty of companies whose products are being promoted on this website.

This site contains hyperlinks to websites and information created and maintained by other individuals and organizations. The writer does not control or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, relevance, or timeliness of any information or privacy policy pages posted on these linked websites.

You should assume that all references to products and services on this website are created because material connections exist between the author and also the providers from the mentioned products and services (”Provider”). You should also assume that all hyperlinks within this site are affiliate links for either (a) the writer or (b) someone else who’s a joint venture partner for that mentioned services and products (individually and collectively, the “Affiliate”).

The Affiliate recommends services and products on this site located in part on the good faith belief the purchase of such services or products will help readers generally. The Affiliate has this good faith belief because (a) the Affiliate has tried the product or service mentioned just before recommending it or (b) the Affiliate has researched the reputation of the Provider and it has made the decision to recommend the Provider’s services or products based on the Provider’s good reputation for providing these or another products or services. The representations made by the Affiliate about services and products reflect the Affiliate’s honest opinion based upon the reality known to the Affiliate at that time the info was posted to this site by the Affiliate.

Because there is a material connection between your Affiliate and Providers of products or services mentioned on this site, it is best to assume the Affiliate might be biased because of the Affiliate’s relationship with a Provider and/or because the Affiliate has brought or will get something of worth from the Provider.

Perform your own due diligence before investing in a service or product mentioned on this site.

The kind of compensation received by the Affiliate may vary. Sometimes, the Affiliate may receive complimentary products, services, or money from the Provider just before mentioning the Provider’s products or services on this site.

In addition, the Affiliate may get a monetary commission or non-monetary compensation whenever you take action by clicking on a hyperlink on this website. This includes, but is not limited to, whenever you purchase a product or service from the Provider after hitting an affiliate link on this website.

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