Acai Berry Diet Side Effects

acai berry diet side effectsSide effects are a normal part of every treatment – each time we take medications to treat some conditions, we take the risk of developing side effects like nausea and vomiting, stomach upset, drowsiness and the likes. Still—these are common and inevitable. The same is true with taking weight loss and diet formulas…but you may ask-is this also true with Acai Berries? Are their known Acai Berry Diet Side Effects?

Basically, Acai Berry is a very nutritious fruit and it grows on tall trees on the Amazon Rain Forest in South America. In terms of side effects, there may be a few…but the thing is the benefits of Acai Berries outweigh all the side effects.

Those with pollen and seasonal allergies may be a bit aggravated and provoked when taking Acai berries. There are reports about such Acai Berry Diet Side Effects but these are rare and uncommon.

Just like any other juices and supplements, Acai berries can also lead to mild diarrhea. However this is not a major side effect and is in fact due to the other types of juices and mixtures combined in Acai Berry juices and supplements. Also, it is suggested to take not exceeding to four ounces of the Acai Berry puree or 12 to 16 ounces of the juice in a daily basis.

In terms of pregnancy and drug interaction, Acai Berry Diet Side Effects have not been recorded with enough scientific bases. This only proves that Acai Berry is indeed a healthy and nutritious food supplement that brings about hundreds of benefits to a person.

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